Traveling to Cebu on a budget Pt.2

Seems like everyone I know is busy making vacation plans for this coming summer. I had to run a couple of errands which explains my lack of post, but with our trip coming up in a few weeks, we are busy making different preparations.

A week after my last post, the people from Sugbutel and Castle Peak wrote back about my inquiries. I made reservations for both but will wait until Feb 16 to make the final decision for the hotel rooms.The thing is I think I will be able to get a better deal if I book our room online via Agoda.

Find Better Hotel Reservations Online

You have probably seen ads online. I usually just ignore these ads, but this time a close friend of mine recommended this to me.She said her cousins abroad were able to get great deals on their rooms from hotels in Cebu when they booked through Agoda.

I signed up online and browsed the different rooms. Unlike Expedia, Agoda really provides you a good list of hotels or inns from one star to five stars. Castle Peak is listed under three stars, Sugbutel is not on their system yet but for almost the same price, I can get a better room via Agoda. I do have to check if there are any hidden charges, but I have a feeling there isnt…I’ll just have to write another post on that when I book my reservation.

Make a List

When you are traveling with children, especially one who is under medication. It is important to make a checklist to make sure you dont forget about the little details like socks, toothbrush or medicine. What lists do we need ?

  • List of things to pack in your bag

Aside from clothes, make a list of who packs what in their bag to avoid the “I thought you were the one who packed the camera” scene.

  • List of travel documents needed -IDs, print plane ticket and hotel reservation

This is important obviously, how can you get on the plane without this.

  • List of places to visit (check online for places to visit in Cebu)

Making an itinerary would help you maximize your time and have enough “leg room” for side trips too.

  • List of phone numbers for people to contact you (just in case)

Leave your cellphone numbers or the hotel’s phone  number to a family member in case they need to contact you

  • List of things to buy for the trip

There are a lot of gift and food items to buy in Cebu. Make sure you make a list so you wont go beyond your budget.

Will write another update soon when he finish booking for the hotel.


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