My life without facebook

I remember a time when there was no Myspace, no Friendster, and no facebook. A time when I didn’t spend half of my day glued to these websites. I would sometimes chat on mIRC (internet relay chat) and yahoo messenger, but it all changed when social media boomed.

I am so addicted to facebook that I never start the day without it. I always check in to see what my friends are up to, what is trending, what’s the hottest topic, or who posted new photos in their albums. I’ve become unconsciously… a stalker…and don’t tell me you dont look into your friends photo albums too. It’s a good thing I’m not playing those Zynga games anymore…that is one heck of a time robber!

Facebook is fun especially when you get a lot of interaction on your wall posts. When people react to your opinion, or quote, or link to a funny youtube video…it’s fun. You are always thinking of witty remarks, funny posts so your friends will continue to “like” you. That’s basically it…you get a kick out of getting a lot of “likes”.

Yesterday, I saw a lot of my friends online on my chat status, and I wondered if they are as addicted to facebook as I am. I suddenly had an idea… “what would it be like to go on a month without facebook?” Why do I need facebook anyway? I can always call or text my friends? we can always meet up and talk in person rather than online? why do I have to show them my photos from the places I’ve been? Am I bragging? Am I doing this to let them know how much fun I’m having…or am I just convincing myself that I am having fun?

I read a lot of blogs…food blogs especially. And almost always, I come across posts that apologize for not taking enough photo or taking a full photo of the finished recipe because they enjoyed the dish so much they forgot to take pictures. Before digital cameras, we just took a family photo then hide it in the bag and enjoy the trip. Now, we cam whores sling these big bulky DSLRs and just watch people from the sidelines.

No wonder my fun-meter is running low. Maybe I’m having fun because I just want to show it off to my friends…I hope not. Which is why I’m taking some time off from facebook and try to live my life not so glued to these websites. Today is DAY ONE of NO FACEBOOK. My goal: Discover what are the effects of going without facebook and write about what withdrawal from this website could do to you. Silly? maybe…but there is no harm in trying. Heck, even Michelle Obama says NO to facebook for Malia and Sasha. Here is the video.



2 thoughts on “My life without facebook

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  2. Hi my name is Dulce…………. and……… I’m NOT a Facebookholic. lol

    Yea, I’ve been doing this for awhile and IT CAN BE DONE!…….. And I”m glad you have joined the crusade. I decided to do it because of all the security issues and the fact that I too was checking it so often. Then again, it could be because when I was on it the most was when I was posting pictures about my trips while serving in Peace Corps China and now I am not traveling as much. I don’t think it was about “bragging”, although the thought did cross mind, but rather it was about sharing and keeping in touch.

    I also noticed that my friends were whining waaaaaaaayyy too much and exposing too many details about their lives….it just got plain annoying. Just had to say it.

    I find it interesting that no one has commented on this post. Most likely people just can’t relate to people like us or they have well balanced lives in which they don’t need to go through this type of anxiety.

    My latest finding is that I am much more productive and further along my journey on finding that ideal job. Yay!

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