Facing Facebook Anxiety

When I think about my first week without facebook, the first word that pops into my head is ANXIOUS. I am anxious.

Anxious: Uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain event or matter; worried

I am so stressed about not being able to check into my facebook account that I seriously considered throwing in the towel. But then a part of me says this is exactly the reason why I am doing this, why I must control my addiction to facebook.

In my first post about taking a month off  from facebook, I said I was addicted to the interaction, to all the likes and leaving comments on others links or photos…well psychologists have indeed studied that there is such a thing as “Facebook-related anxiety”:

Dr Kathy Charles, from Edinburgh Napier University, said some users experienced ‘Facebook-related anxiety’ due to the pressures of keeping in touch and up to date on the social-networking site. Read more here

Here’s the thing…I did try to log in my facebook account. I typed my password and wouldn’t you know it…I already forgot my password! I had a password reminder to log back in, then when I got back in…I deactivated it again. I wanted so much to take some time to read some of my friends post, but knowing I “cheated”, I felt so guilty I had to deactivate it at once.

But you know what made up for all the time I spent not facebooking? Human interaction. I had more time talking to my father and asking what my son did at school. I had more time talking to my husband and asking what his day was like instead of telling him about our friends facebook updates.I also had more time reading and studying on the web, fixed a good cup of coffee even on my broken coffee press (which I will get a replacement this weekend) and I am actually looking forward to seeing some friends for a night concert this Friday evening.

So tell me, are you addicted to facebook? have you tried not checking on your profile when you wake up or before going to bed? It’s hard but I’m learning…slowly learning that it’s not so important after all. Sometimes you need a little offline time too 🙂

I’ll leave you with a link to this wonderful post on The 12 Stages of Facebook Addiction


One thought on “Facing Facebook Anxiety

  1. I’m not addicted to Facebook. I only log-in to Facebook to check if my friends are online so I can have a chit chat with them. 🙂

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