The Fades and UK’s Horror Shows

When I look at IMDb and see a great review of horror films or show, I can feel a relapse  of my addiction for horror films. Attack the Block was on my news feeds a few months ago. A great movie they say so I saw the film online, curious on what it was and why everyone seemed so excited about it.

After a few searches on Google I saw an online stream of the film….First few minutes I was like…

Then I was like… “What… are… they…. saying?”

I wasn’t even halfway when my husband (who sat beside me when I started watching) got up and walked out of the room and went to bed.

 I finished the movie, hoping that there would be some kind of twist to the film and a pee-in-my-pants-scene would tell me that this is a great film indeed. Tough luck, nothing new on this one.

I promised myself not to watch any British horror films after that, but my friend Boots recommended the Fades

I said I’d watch it and I did…hohummm…same thing! It was like a zombie-meets-angels-and-demons and buffy the vampire slayer all rolled into one.

Sure the scenes looked ok, there were a few funny moments and the requisite blood and gore, but they talk soooo much! Seriously, do they have to go on and on about the story? And for someone not really used to listening to their accent, especially when they talk in a regular street conversation.

UK seems to be trying to make their shows look more American. I think they should watch more Hollywood films on this genre, or try watching Japanese Horror films. What I look for horror films, are scenes that scare the beejezus out of me. (Like Sadako from the Ring, crawling out of the television set)

Or how about The Blair Witch Project. This film didnt need any fancy ghost scenes, no special effects, there was a lot of talk but they all served to pull you inside the screen itself. When you watch this, you feel like you are actually in there, you imagine you are the one holding the camera and surrounded in the dark. It’s that feeling of knowing you are an observer, but halfway through the film, it becomes your nightmare.

I like British films, but I hate it when they talk too much. When you overanalyze the situation, it takes you out of the nightmare and gets you to think instead of feel.

I wish I could say I like it, but I don’t. They should just do drama, or action, or other fantasy films and leave the horror films to the experts.




I have finished the first season of the Fades and have swallowed every nasty review I had of it. The TV series is great. I love that the protagonist is an angel, and that ghosts can come back from the spirit world and be like zombies/vampires…I love it and I wish they have season 2 soon!


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