About thumbbook

Hi, my name is Alisa and this is my thumbbook.

Thumbbook is a collection of  different things that I find interesting on the net. It’s a personal blog, that holds my thoughts on my favorite video games, recipes, movies, books and stuff.

Why the word thumbbook?
Before I got so hooked on the internet, I loved thumbing through books at the local library/ bookstore, hence the name,  thumb…book…THUMBBOOK. Of course in Filipino, if you say “thumbbook” (Tambok) it means “plump”, in the Cebuano dialect it means “fat”…but what the heck…as some of my chef friends would say…Fat is flavor 🙂

Aside from this blog, I also do social networking/bookmarking and online research. I’m a happy stay-at-home mom to a bouncy, talkative 10 year old boy, and a wife to a singing graphic designer. I love taking pictures and recently we have gone back to using the old Ricoh KR-5 SuperII to take pictures instead of the digital camera.


I learned to cook online thanks to all the wonderful blogs I’ve visited and I have actually mastered pressing F5 to get the cooking video rolling again before my food burns. Hopefully this year I’ll get better in photoshop so I could publish my food photos.

This is me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my posts.

Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “About thumbbook

  1. Hi – you have got a great blog here, you even have a Google Page Rank of 4!!! That is cool! Thanks for the friend request through the WOZone, I will certainly add you to mine!

  2. Hi Alisa.

    We thank you for posting about Marissa’s Kitchen, we really appreciate it. We are relatively new and we really people to know about us. That way, we get more chances of getting donations. More donations, for children can get free lunch. Right now, the money comes from the pocket of our president. She and her husband are just so kind and generous.

    God bless you and your family and more power…

  3. Thanks for checking my blog out. It’s nice to know people are reading it. I like your blog too. I didn’t see where you are living. Is it the Philippines? Your son is beautiful by the way. He’s a cutie. And, it’s ok that he wants to be close to you for now. Love him and hold him tight, soon enough they don’t even want to be around you. 😦 My 2 older kids have reached that stage now. I still love them even if they may not be all that fond of me.

  4. Hi Alisa,
    Thank you for coming to my blog. I am so happy to know you through Foodista. Hope in the future I can learn more interesting recipes from you.
    Will link you to my blog.

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