Sorry for the lack of posts…it’s been so hot over here that I just had to get out and cool down for awhile! Can you believe February is over? March-April-May are the hottest months here in the Philippines and everyone is worried about the rice fields drying up, the lack of water and electricity, that … Continue reading

Try defying gravity

I’m so in love with this song when I first heard it from Glee. The song was from the much loved play Wicked. I love this song because it teaches us how to break away from the limits set by the people or situation happening around us. I was listening to this song after watching a … Continue reading

The Secret of Kells

I love this animation film by Cartoon Saloon Youtube has a few of the trailers but I would love to watch this on the big screen. I do wonder when they plan on showing it in the Philippines. I was instantly drawn to this film…my husband says its because I was Irish in my past … Continue reading

Romance in February

Everyone wants to spice up Valentine’s day. Honestly, Valentines day is so overrated. Everyone can express their love any day of the year right? But when it finally came around and I was watching all the lovestory flicks on TV and all the wonderful bouquet of roses the ladies on TV were cradling in their … Continue reading

Are kids getting dumber?

One of the challenges of any parent, especially one who has a child under the age of 12, is to help and guide their kids through one of their toughest ordeal=school exams.